FREE TRAINING: The 6 Overlooked Causes Of Thyroid Disease & Hashimoto’s
Discover The 6 Overlooked Causes of Hashimoto’s & Thyroid Symptoms and How to Treat Them Naturally Using Functional Medicine
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Lorraine Maita

The Feel Good Again Institute
Is This You Or Anyone You Know?
Tired, gaining weight, dry, constipated, cold, can't think and all you want to do is sleep?

Are you losing your hair and think you are losing your mind?

It could be your thyroid!

Do you want to know what is causing the problem and not just cover it up?

The thyroid gland is very sensitive to any dis- stress in your body such as toxins, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, infections, and stress.  
It is common and is often misdiagnosed because even if you have all of the symptoms of low thyroid you may not be treated because your labs are normal.  

Are you getting the proper labs and more importantly the proper interpretation of what is optimal for you?

Is anyone looking at WHY your thyroid is not functioning well?
No one will look for underlying causes that if corrected can normalize your hormone production without medication.

Join me to unravel the mystery of WHY you don't feel well and WHAT you can do about it.

Join Us To Learn:
  • The common and uncommon symptoms of thyroid disorders
  • ​The surprising conditions that can affect your thyroid.
  • ​The 6 overlooked causes that keep you sick and tired and how to test for them
  • ​The 6 steps needed to address your thyroid or Hashimoto's issues
The Fastest Way To Overcome Thyroid Symptoms…
Let go of the “old way” of doing things and find the root cause!
The Old Way:
  • A pill for an ill after a 5-7 minute visit
  • The standard of care when you as an individual are not standard
  • If the medications don't work then it's just you - stressed and getting older
  • An outdated disease model based on insurance reimbursement that is dependent on having a disease that has progressed to complications, not prevention
  • Deteriorating health and quality of life leading to poor quality time with your family and friends and decreased productivity at work your health
  • ​Feeling bad about yourself as well as how you look and feel
  • An outdated medical system that’s unable to provide you with personalized support
The New Way To Address Thyroid Symptoms
We provide a plan, a partnership, and a promise...
The New Way:
  • A strategy to get to the root cause of your thyroid disorder as well as a preventive plan that can help you avoid other illnesses
  • A personalized plan designed to meet your individual needs and a team to help you implememt it
  • Access to your team of caring, compassionate practitioners who provide the support, education, and treatment to help you heal on multiple levels
  • Inspiring community workshops and access to an online support community
  • Access to top-quality supplements at a discount
  • Lab tests at direct cost with no mark ups.
  • Video interpretation of your lab tests
You’ll discover how to do all of that (and so much more) at my upcoming Workshop:
Creating the Perfect Practice in the 21st Century
How to Build, Scale & Grow Your Functional Medicine Practice for the Future
Meet Lorraine Maita
Lorraine Maita, ABAARM. FAARM, FMICP is a recognized and award-winning holistic, functional and anti aging practitioner and author. She transforms people’s lives by getting to the root cause of illness and reverses chronic illness through lifestyle change using the best of science and nature. 

She is known for her knowledge, caring and understanding. Her visits are long and comprehensive. She really listens and forms a partnership with her patients. Her approach is personalized and you are treated as the unique individual you are.
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